Tubular Shelving Systems are Ideal for Mobile Shelving

Tubular Shelving is very popular in Europe and is increasingly so in the UK. It has found a niche between traditional light industrial delta shelving ideal for office and archives and heavier duty medium span shelving for more stockroom and industrial applications.  The shelves have a unique bar and beam construction that can be open or closed. Open shelves are ideal for box storage and closed for more multi-purpose or traditional storage.

The tubular construction provides superior overall strength and allows the shelve thickness be to narrower. A narrower edge is more space efficient i.e. less space is lost as in the case of deeper wide span beams. The result is more items are stored on a rack which makes it ideal for mobile shelving.


Tubular shelves also have other benefits in fire sprinkler areas and will let water into the racks without the shelves losing any strength as with chipboard shelves.  Racks allow more light in and because all levels are see thru, better housekeeping and stock control can be achieve.

No back bracing is needed which means there is no need for back to back racks and one wider single bay can used in its place. For example instead of 2 x 400 deep bays use 1 x 800 bay. Saving money, build time and reducing unnecessary weight on the mobile shelving bases.


Aesthetically more pleasing than rivet shelving, the uprights have smooth fronts and will not snag on clothing or goods. Bays are built in a starter and extension bay format, sharing uprights which makes better use of space as opposed to starter bay only systems.

Tubular shelving is easy to build. It is fully adjustable with no nuts and bolts. All shelves tap in with a rubber hammer.  A good all-rounder for lots of mobile storage applications.