Maximize medical record filing capacity

Mobile storage systems offer a more space efficient alternative to traditional medical record file drawer cabinets.

The filing system layout is flexible and can easily accommodate, FP25 dental files, A4 medical records files and Lloyd George card formats and can store 60% more than drawer storage cabinets. This is achieved by using the height better and the one moving aisle allows more storage units to be fitted in the room.


60% more storage capacity  than traditional drawer cabinets.

The shelf layout is very flexible and is available to suit  A4 and Lloyd George card formats. 

Mobile storage systems can be tailored in size to suit most rooms. Filing systems are modular and can added to and are relocatable. Formats range from one bay to six bays deep to maxiumize the best use of space and can be fitted with decor panels to match desk tops and office decor.  Safety features such as aisle locks can be fitted to keep operators, medical records and equipment safe. Files can be stores on shelves with dividers, hanging file rails, Lloyd George trays and archive box formats.  Lloyd George cards can be stored directly on narrow shelves or more popularly stored in a open box format front to back.

A typical A4 medical records bay elevation is 6-7 high on shelves fitted with full height dividers to keep files upright and tidy. Shelf filing is very popular and very robust as it will support the heaviest of files which is an advantage when compared to lateral files that can split.

Additional efficiencies can be made, eg. more accurate and faster picking times and less files mislaid by introducing colour coding and simple ideas such as magnetic label holders.