Innovative and flexible solutions for office storage with the Sysco range.

Bruynzeel offer a range of  storage solutions to match the dynamics of each office environment.  Stylish and produced according to environment conscious methods, the Sysco, Side2Side and Compactus Office ranges are designed with maximum flexibility in mind.   Each system adapts smoothly to your increased storage needs.

The versatile Sysco system is a sound starter solution for your growing storage needs.  Fully modular with multiple depths and heights, these shelves offer the advantage of floor-to-ceiling storage, up to a height of 3 metres.  Compared to traditional office cabinets of 1.8 metres, a Sysco system can increase your storage capacity by using more available height.  This system lends itself as a more economical alternative to traditional Storage Wall.  As an added bonus, the Sysco system  can  easily convert from shelf to cabinet whenever you choose, simply by adding rolling or sliding doors. 

The Side2Side system focuses on a way to create extra storage capacity that is barely perceptible,yet very effective.  By placing a row of mobile cabinets directly in front of a row of static office cabinets, a wealth of storage space can be freed.  Daily files are right at your fingertips, while less frequently used ones are still easily accessible.   The Side2Side can easily be extended and re-located.  It can slo be fitted in front of existing static storage units.

Compactus Office is a moving aisle mobile system, ideal for open offices, allowing for two-sided accessibility.  Both manual and electronic versions are available, guaranteeing confidential and secured storage.  This mobile system comes in a comprehensive range of decorative finishes to match any office decor.  

Storage of pharmaceuticals, medical records, X-rays, medical collections and hospital supplies

Medicines and drugs should be held safely, but also conveniently, for staff to access whenever required. Bruynzeel has various solutions for in-pharmacy storage.

Patient information is highly confidential and should be securely stored. But when required, it needs to be quickly and easily accessed, so Medical Records should be properly filed and available at all times.

Bruynzeel Healthcare solutions provide secure and yet always accessible storage. We also offer specific storage systems to support the daily routines of the various specialist departments within a hospital, from clinics to laboratories, sterile supplies to general stores, specimen storage to janatorial services.