Benefits using the Glidestor system

  • Save Space
  • Save Money
  • Increase Efficiency and Productivity
  • Reduce Operator Error
  • Reduce Operator Fatigue
  • Deliver Tidy Presentation
  • Locate Files Faster and Easier

The Applied Concept

GlideStor Storage Systems is a name synonymous with the provision of high-quality solutions to everyday storage requirements.

With a growing portfolio of blue-chip customers who benefit from our bespoke developments and off-the-shelf products, we pride ourselves on delivering products that work.

Our policy is very much to deliver products designed to meet your specific need.

Mobile storage and filing systems can effectively double the storage capacity of most offices and archival units, by halving the footprint of traditional static systems, thereby creating greater flexibility in the use of floor space. By applying this system to standard racking systems we have designed and patented Glidestor to increase space and efficiency for our clients.