What to consider before investing in more filing cabinets.

For a growing small business, the traditional approach of buying new or second-hand filing cabinets may work up to a point.  But as you expand, you grow out of these filing cabinets.  At this point, it may be worth taking stock and investigating a long term high-density filing system, such as mobile shelving.

Take the typical scenario... You buy second hand 4-drawer filing cabinets and filing cupboards. The business grows and you need more and more storage. But there's nowhere to put it. What do you do?

Option 1: Continue to buy more second-hand filing cabinets or traditional static shelving, knowing that you will eventually run out of space. 

Option 2: Get another room, if this is available on-site. This would be the opportunity to take stock and review your ideal use of work and storage space.   By starting afresh you could consider new high density and space-saving filing solutions. In view to weed and re organises your first filing room to the advantages of mobile shelving.

Option 3: Off-site storage.   Your files are stored and accessed remotely.  In some respects this is the easiest option, as another company handles the storage and retrieval for you.  But for this to happen your files need to be barcoded and correctly organised before handover.  This is also the most costly option as you pay for storage as well as each retrieval.

Option 4: High Density Filing Storage. This may prove the most cost-effective and practical option if increasing floor space or using off-site storage is neither practical nor within your budgetary constraints at this time.

What is high density storage?  This concept includes a variety of shelving, racking and filing systems designed to save up to 50% floor space.  These include mobile shelving - which can be manually or electronically operated -, double-depth rotating cabinets, automated carousel card holders, rotating cabinets, sliding cabinets and storage wall office cabinets, all taking advantage of every usable inch of office space with minimal wastage. 

More importantly, you have total control over your files and have 24/7 access, which can only improve your efficiency and productivity.  Financially, you are investing in your organisation and the money saved annually will be paid for over a period of time. 

So how can cost and disruption be kept at a minimum?  If you are interested in high density storage solutions for your organisation, we offer a easy 5-step plan to help you achieve your objectives:

1. A review of your current systems  and equipment, the area it occupies and what your potential capacity is.

2. A report with recommendations, including one or several options, where appropriate. Before and after proposal format.

3. Implement proposal best for you. We then delivery and install, often out-of-office-hours to minimise disruption.

4. Transfer of existing files into new system. In addition, we can move existing files into new folders and archive boxes.

5. Full instruction and training for all on-site users, to maximise the benefits of your new storage system.