Faster picking Solutions

Glidestor is typically used on pallet racking and long-span shelving, 800 to 1200 deep. Traditionally pallet and large boxes are used to store extra stock/ less moving files on the higher levels. Boxes would be stacked on top of each and to gain access was slow.

Open file picking, e-commerce, and mail order never made the best use of the lower and ground level used for picking by operatives with trollies. The picking boxes tended to be one box deep very often leaving the space behind empty or used for replenishment stock.

The Glidestorsytem allows boxes to be stored 2 to 3 boxes deep x 2 to 3 boxes high. Front and middle boxes are pushed aside to allow access to the boxes behind.

Picking times increase, cost per pick decreases and space used for picking is made more efficient. More can be picked in less space and faster moving lines can be located in the front boxes, less popular in the boxes behind and slowest at the back. It has been said picking times have become at least twice as fast perhaps five times faster.   

Glidestor can be made to accommodate existing picking boxes sizes. Advise can also be given to specify best fit boxes size to make the use of the Glidestor system in conjunction with lenght of beam used on the tracking.