Storage in a Container

Quick, convenient and secure storage using an on-site container.  Less expensive than a traditional building, yet suitable for long-term use.  Ideal for buildings whose floors aren't strong enough for mobile shelving.

Mobile shelving in a container

CabinSTOR can be sited on your premises much in the same way as a portakabin.  It can be single or double-stacked to save space.  Specifically designed to meet the needs of the construction industry and records managers, who are looking for security and adaptability to store documents.

CabinSTOR offers the convenience of combining a moveable container along with the benefits of mobile storage.  Ideal for professions located in old town houses that have been converted into offices, with wooden floors which do not support the weight of typical filing systems.  Space can now be released from the office for more desks, and the filing safely stored in the container.

CabinSTOR can be best summarised as: secure, modular, convenient, relocatable, weatherproof and as temporary or permanent as you wish - ideal for todays office filing needs where space is at a premium.