GlideStor File Storage Boxes.

The archive boxes are constructed with the corrugated fluting running vertically which combined with internal divisions gives extremely good box strength.

The internal divisions give easier data location and stowage. Boxes are designed to your specific requirements to suit the data type and racking specifications.

Covert your existing racking...

The example opposite shows mixed data types can also be accommodated. In this case, X-rays and Medical Files are stored within the same racking. Glidestor can easily be designed and fitted to your existing racking system with minimal disruption to your day to day operations. Whilst we have shown samples both here and on the next page the applications are endless.

Live File Storage

Live requires that the archive data be easily accessible as records are required on a regular basis necessitating the installation of a single deep shelving system.

Semi Active File Storage

Semi Active where archive data is not accessed on such a regular basis is more suited to being stowed in a Standard Archive storage box on a system that will allow boxes to be stowed two and three deep.

Dead File Storage

Dead is where archive data is rarely accessed and is stowed two and three deep.