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Flexibility in Motion

The GlideStor Concept

Mobile storage and filing systems can effectively double the storage capacity of most offices and archival units, by halving the footprint of traditional static systems, thereby creating greater flexibility in the use of floor space. By applying this system to standard racking systems we have designed and patented GlideStor® to increase space and efficiency for our clients.

Moving Aisle

There are several types of mobile storage systems; moving aisle, i.e. bases that move to the left to the right; rotary, i.e. the units spin on an axis; or side to side, i.e. the whole unit moves from side to side. With mobile storage systems, there is more storage capacity within the room because aisle space is shared between the storage units. This means that more storage units can be physically fitted into the same area.

High Density Storage

High Density storage solutions can vary from single rack to mobile storage, two tier racks to even two tier mobile storage. There is also picture racking for collections or items best stored vertically. Glidestor is an ingenous storage solution that offers many of the benefits of mobile storage to traditional static longspan and pallet racking.

​​​​​​​Our aim is to provide you with smart and flexible mobile storage products to maximize your work space.

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